Ocular Infection and Inflammation, Front to Back:
From the ocular surface to the retina, and from basic science to advanced therapeutics

The 2018 ISOII Conference will offer the best and latest information on infection and inflammation, from the front of the eye to the back—including in-depth discussions on hot topics in ocular surface disease, drug delivery, nanotechnology, biologics, and more; a 3D surgery symposium; lively panel discussions and debate; and sessions led by key opinion leaders from ophthalmic subspecialties and wide-ranging fields (microbiology, rheumatology, and more).



Ocular Infection

Basic science



Misdiagnosis of viral infections (eg, conjunctivitis)
Introduction to point-of-care diagnostics (eg, bacterial, viral, chlamydial) 

Updates on Resistance

Update on ocular infections
Ocular involvement of Zika

Current Therapies
New antibiotic drugs
New and off-label treatments for viral infections and retinal diseases with inflammation (eg, CNV, cidofovir for viral retinitis)

Pipeline Therapies

The Role of Antibiotics in Ocular Surgery
Antimicrobial prophylaxis for cataract surgery
Intracameral antibiotics after cataract surgery

Ocular Inflammation

Basic science



Introduction to point-of-care diagnostics

Current therapies
New anti-inflammatory drugs
Introduction to use in ocular surface disease
Use of anti-inflammatory and
anti-proliferative drugs in glaucoma

Use in retinal disease (eg, cyclosporine and anti-TNF
drugs for uveitis)

Use of anti-inflammatory drugs
in hemorrhagic occlusive retinovasculitis

Pipeline therapies

Adjuvant therapies

Focus on allergy and inflammation

Focus on inflammation in glaucoma
Role of modulating wound healing and inflammation after glaucoma surgery
Role of neuroinflammation in glaucomatous optic neuropathy

Focus on systemic inflammation

Focus on uveitis (anterior and posterior)

Focus on intravitreal inflammation

Focus on inflammation in wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
Complement inhibitors and new pathways to treat inflammation in AMD

Focus on inflammation in ocular surgery
Therapeutic approaches: topical, implant, injection, compounding

Focus on inflammation and infection in minimally invasive glaucoma surgery

Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) 

Dry eye disease (DED)
Anti-inflammatory therapies
Adjuvant therapies (eg, LipiFlow, MiBoFlo)

Anti-infective therapies
The role of ophthalmologists in managing infectious conjunctivitis

Anti-infective therapies
Anti-inflammatory therapies
Adjuvant therapies

Meibomian gland disease (MGD)

Anti-infective therapies
Anti-inflammatory therapies
Adjuvant therapies

Anti-inflammatory therapies
Adjuvant therapies

Contact lens-related OSD
Anti-infective therapies
Anti-inflammatory therapies
Adjuvant therapies

Drug Delivery

Differing targets
Intraocular therapy of glaucoma

Nanotechnology / Nanoparticles

Point-of-Care Diagnostics


New Frontiers in Biologics

Intravenous aflibercept reformulated for AMD

Growing the ISOII Society